OKKO Dominator MKII Black

This is the über-evil twin brother of the red Dominator, made for the most brutal sounds in Hardcore/Grind/Death Metal.

It’s all there: massive gain, lightning speed attack, aggressive punch, super-tight low end and clarity of chords through the entire gain range.

The active 3-band EQ with switchable mid range frequency gives you effective
and intuitive control over a broad range of sounds.

A new feature in the Dominator MKII is the built-in noise gate, controlled by a
(For extensive descriptions of the controls please refer to the user manual).

Just like the other OKKO drive pedals, the Dominator features an internal
voltage doubler. The three gain stages and the EQ stage operate on different individually filtered voltages up to 18 volts for optimal dynamic response and low noise performance.

The Dominator works best in front of a clean tube amp with some headroom,
especially if you use very bass heavy settings.