If you read this, you have most likely spent quite some time reading and learning about the pros and cons of different types of bypass. You heard about impedance and capacity and how it affects the tone. But did you have a chance to compare different combinations of these parameters and find out what works best for you? That’s exactly what the V.I.B. is made for, a buffer circuit with adjustable input parameters. On this box we have two 6-position rotary switches:

IMP sets the input impedance, from 10 Megaohms (super brilliant) down to 10 Kiloohms (classic „tone suck”)

CAP changes the input capacity. This capacity affects the resonant peak of your pickups. You’ll be surprised how different they can sound! The lowest setting doesn’t add any capacity.

The V.I.B. is equipped with a mechanical true bypass switch for A/B testing and in case you want to use that vintage fuzz pedal that doesn’t like a buffer in front.

This unique pedal is a useful addition to every serious pedalboard.
For effective performance it must be the first in the signal chain, directly connected to your guitar.